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moduleIdReference steal.moduleIdReference


Type Definition: {String}

A moduleIdReference is a string value that is used to look up a moduleId and its associated module value. For exaxmple:


Typically, a moduleIdReference closely reflects a path to a module. For example: steal("myapp/component.js") will likely reference the myapp/component.js moduleId which will represent the code at the file or url STEALROOT/myapp/component.js.

But, the moduleId referenced by a moduleIdReference depends on several factors.

  • The syntax (steal, AMD, etc) being used
  • The moduleId of the module depending on the moduleIdReference
  • steal.config's map and root configuration options

This provides a lot of flexibility for things like:

  • Using two different versions of a library (ex: jquery) in one application.

Steal: reference -> id

Steal performs the following steps to convert a moduleIdReference to a moduleId.

  1. If the moduleIdReference starts with "./" join it to the current moduleId.

    moduleIdReference     "./food.js" 
    current moduleId      "app/component.js"
    new moduleIdReference "app/food.js"
  2. If the moduleIdReference ends with a "/" or without a file extension, take the everything after the last "/", add it to the end of the moduleIdReference and add ".js".

    moduleIdReference     "can/control" 
    new moduleIdReference "can/control/control.js"
  3. If the current moduleId matches a property in steal.config's map option, use the rule to convert the moduleIdReference.

    moduleIdReference       "jquery/jquery.js"
    current moduleId        "app/component.js"
      "app/" : {
         "jquery/jquery.js" : "jquery-1.5.js"
    new moduleIdReference    "jquery-1.5.js"