• typedef

moduleId steal.moduleId


Type Definition: {String}

A moduleId is the unique name within a [steal.ModuleManager] for a [module]. A moduleId is typically determined from a moduleIdReference which depends on:

  • The syntax (steal, AMD, etc) being used
  • The moduleId of the module depending on the moduleIdReference
  • steal.config's map and root configuration options

In the following example the "jquery" moduleIdReference becomes the "jquery-1.5.js" moduleId:

// in app/component.js
   "app/" : {
      "jquery/jquery.js" : "jquery-1.5.js"
   "paths": {
     "jquery-1.5.js": "http://cdn.com/jquery-1.5.js"


The steal.config's paths option is used to configure where the `"jquery-1.5.js" moduleId should be found.

In most applications, the moduleId is the unique name for a module across the entire application. But steal.clone() can be used to create a new [steal.ModuleManager] with its own configuration and moduleId mappings.