1. path {String}

    the relative path from the current file to the coffee file. You can pass multiple paths.


{steal(moduleIdRef, definition)}

returns the steal function.

Requires a CoffeeScript script.

CoffeeScript is a more 'refined' version of JavaScript that lets you write code like:

number = -42 if opposite

CoffeeScript is normally used on the server, but steal lets you load CoffeeScripts in the browser, and compress their JavaScript output into your production builds.


First, create a coffee script like:

console.log "There are no () around this string!"

Save this in a file named

Next, you have to add the coffee script entry to the stealconfig.js file so it looks like this:

    ext: {
        coffee: "steal/coffee/coffee.js"

This will automatically load the CoffeeScript parser when the CoffeeScript file is loaded. It's expected that all CoffeeScript files end with coffee.

You can steal the CoffeeScript file like any JavaScript file: