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jQuery.event.hover jQuery.event.hover


jQuery.event.hover provides delegate-able hover events. A hover happens when the mouse stops moving over an element for a period of time. You can listen to the following events:

Quick Example

The following examples listens to hoverenter to add a class to style the element, and removes the class on hoverleave.

  "hoverenter" : function() {
  "hoverleave" : function() {

Configuring Distance and Delay

An element is hovered when the mouse moves less than a certain distance in specific time over the element.

You can configure that distance and time by adjusting the distance (in pixels) and delay (in ms) values. It can be set globally by adjusting the jQuery.Hover.prototype.delay and jQuery.Hover.prototype.distance for an individual hover during hoverinit:

$(".option").on("hoverinit", function(ev, hover){
  //set the distance to 10px
  //set the delay to 200ms