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Jenkins funcunit.jenkins


Jenkins is a continuous integration tool. It is used to run builds and continuously check the health of the project. If a test fails or the build breaks, it sends emails to the dev team to immediately alert everyone of regressions.

The XUnit plugin allows Jenkins to tie into testing tools. The tool just has to create an XML output file in the standard XUnit format. Jenkins will fail the build if the file shows errors.


  1. Install Jenkins
  2. Install the XUnit plugin
  3. Create a build
  4. Add the something similar to the following to a shell build step. This script will run your funcunit tests and copy the testresults.xml file into where jenkins wants it
cd path/to/your/project
./js funcunit/run phantomjs path/to/funcunit.html -out testresults.xml
cp testresults.xml /Users/bmoschel/.jenkins/jobs/JMVC/workspace/
  1. Click publish testing tools report and point XUnit to where to find this file
  2. Run a new build