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backup can/observe/backup


Save the values of the properties of an Observe.




The Observe, for chaining.

backup backs up the current state of the properties of an Observe and marks the Observe as clean. If any of the properties change value, the original values can be restored with [can.Observe.prototype.restore]:

var recipe = new can.Observe({
  title: 'Pancake Mix',
  yields: '3 batches',
  ingredients: [{
    ingredient: 'flour',
    quantity: '6 cups'
    ingredient: 'baking soda',
    quantity: '1 1/2 teaspoons'
    ingredient: 'baking powder',
    quantity: '3 teaspoons'
    ingredient: 'salt',
    quantity: '1 tablespoon'
    ingredient: 'sugar',
    quantity: '2 tablespoons'

recipe.attr('title', 'Flapjack Mix');
recipe.title;     // 'Flapjack Mix'

recipe.title;     // 'Pancake Mix'