backup can/observe/backup


can.Observe.backup is a plugin that provides a dirty bit for properties on an Observe, and lets you restore the original values of an Observe's properties after they are changed.

Here is an example showing how to use [can.Observe.prototype.backup backup] to save values, [can.Observe.prototype.restore restore] to restore them, and [can.Observe.prototype.isDirty isDirty] to check if the Observe has changed:

var recipe = new can.Observe({
  title: 'Pancake Mix',
  yields: '3 batches',
  ingredients: [{
    ingredient: 'flour',
    quantity: '6 cups'
    ingredient: 'baking soda',
    quantity: '1 1/2 teaspoons'
    ingredient: 'baking powder',
    quantity: '3 teaspoons'
    ingredient: 'salt',
    quantity: '1 tablespoon'
    ingredient: 'sugar',
    quantity: '2 tablespoons'

recipe.attr('title', 'Flapjack Mix');
recipe.title;     // 'Flapjack Mix'
recipe.isDirty(); // true

recipe.title;     // 'Pancake Mix'