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Feature detected properties of a browser's event system. Support has the following properties:

  • backspaceWorks - typing a backspace removes a character
  • clickChanges - clicking on an option element creates a change event.
  • clickSubmits - clicking on a form button submits the form.
  • focusChanges - focus/blur creates a change event.
  • keypressOnAnchorClicks - Keying enter on an anchor triggers a click.
  • keypressSubmits - enter key submits
  • keyCharacters - typing a character shows up
  • keysOnNotFocused - enters keys when not focused.
  • linkHrefJS - An achor's href JavaScript is run.
  • mouseDownUpClicks - A mousedown followed by mouseup creates a click event.
  • mouseupSubmits - a mouseup on a form button submits the form.
  • radioClickChanges - clicking a radio button changes the radio.
  • tabKeyTabs - A tab key changes tabs.
  • textareaCarriage - a new line in a textarea creates a carriage return.