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A list of the keys and their keycodes codes you can type. You can add type keys with



Syn('type','One Two Three[left][left][delete]','title')

The following are a list of keys you can type:

\b        - backspace
\t        - tab
\r        - enter
' '       - space
a-Z 0-9   - normal characters
/!@#$*,.? - All other typeable characters
page-up   - scrolls up
page-down - scrolls down
end       - scrolls to bottom
home      - scrolls to top
insert    - changes how keys are entered
delete    - deletes the next character
left      - moves cursor left
right     - moves cursor right
up        - moves the cursor up
down      - moves the cursor down
f1-12     - function buttons
shift, ctrl, alt - special keys
pause-break      - the pause button
scroll-lock      - locks scrolling
caps      - makes caps
escape    - escape button
num-lock  - allows numbers on keypad
print     - screen capture